Not As A Thief
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Not As A Thief


It’s no mystery that American Evangelicals have a healthy appetite for sensational and even fictional versions of the end times. Over 60 million copies of the Left Behind series and four feature films give ample evidence of that. But how much actual Biblical evidence lies beneath the teaching that Christians will be removed from the earth before the troubles of the last days?

Not As A Thief seeks to provide a charitable challenge to the teaching of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, not from the popular fictional writers, but from the major academic spokesmen for the doctrine. However, the book does more than that. It seeks to address some common misunderstandings in the debate between Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology, which have significant ramifications for the ongoing work and ministry of the church. As such it should appeal to readers of various persuasions on the study of prophecy.

Originally written as a research thesis, Not As A Thief has been edited and revised so that it is easily readable. Lay persons, ministers, and scholars alike will benefit from its survey of the Rapture question.

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